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RCCARS Shock Shaft Plier

RCCARS Shock Shaft Plier

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RCCARS Shock Shaft Plier

This is the "RCCARS" Shock Shaft Pliers. Tools are an investment that should not be taken 
lightly and are one of the few items that should outlast the life of the model you are working
on...and remain with you for years after. With so many choices available, the decision can be

The "RCCARS" Shock Shaft Pliers are for use with 1/10 and 1/8 scale shocks and are made
from lightweight aluminum material and finished with a anodize. The pliers feature a “nutcracker”
style construction which eliminates any hard or sharp edges that could potentially cause damage.
This style also provides increased leverage while providing the user with a direct feel for the amount
of pressure being applied.

The "RCCARS” Shock Shaft Pliers aren’t only for shock shafts; the pliers feature the ability to also
capture shock bodies! Just secure your 1/1 or 1/8 scale shock body into the pliers and tighten down
the shock cap. No more shock building headaches or slippery shock fluid ruining your grip.
As a bonus, the pliers also feature the ability to pop the shock end pillow ball in and out of place
thanks to the ingenious stepped post built into the pliers. The stepped post fits 1/10 and 1/8 scale
ball sizes.